Toa Sekiguchi Kokeshi Doll – Gold Leaf Bamboo Forest (Award Winning)


Award-winning Vintage Kokeshi Doll from Sekiguchi

This is a unique and one-of-a-kind work! Made with Japanese Cypress (Aomori Hiba wood) which is one of the most revered trees in Japan. They take up to 300 years to grow, and produce durable, rot-resistant wood. This is truly a piece of art by the craftsman that expresses the serenity of a bamboo grove with gold leaf.  The technique and application of Gold Leaf is a painstaking and time consuming process and takes years to master and Toa Sekiguchi is the only artisan that still uses this technique. Each leaf of the bamboo is individually cut and placed strategically by hand.

Crafted by artisan: Toa Sekiguchi
Award: Gunma Modern Kokeshi Concours Prime Minister’s Award – Multiple wins (群馬近代こけしコンクール内閣総理大臣賞を複数回など多数 )

※ Photos are for illustrative purpose only.
※ Kokeshi dolls are crafts that are handmade individually by trained artisans. Please note that there may be traces of individual differences in the finishing.
100% hand-crafted & made in Japan.
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Toa Sekiguchi Award-Winning Kokeshi Doll
Chikurin 竹林 – Bamboo Forest

Overall size with Packaging: 150 mm x 150mm x H350mm

Aomori Hiba (Japanese Cypress Wood)

1.7kg (with packaging)

As pictured

Manufacturing Origin:
Gunma Prefecture, Japan

Care Instructions:
Japanese Kokeshi dolls are made with natural wood and various paintings and carvings.
Here are some tips for care and storage to maintain the beauty of the wood grain and the vivid colours.

| Avoid direct sunlight
Display indoors away from direct sunlight to prevent sunburn and fading.
Even if you avoid direct sunlight, the color may gradually fade depending on the amount of light and aging.

| Do not leave in high temperature and humidity
Avoid displaying it near heat sources or in humid places as it may cause discolouration, mould and cracks.

| Do not get wet
Avoid washing or wiping kokeshi dolls with water.
The paint may peel off, discolour, or crack the wood as it dries.

| Gently wipe off dust
Remove dust by stroking it with a soft, dry cloth.
Do not rub it strongly or wipe it with a wet cloth as it may cause scratches or discolouration.

| Wipe gently before storage
Kokeshi dolls, which are displayed only a few days a year, such as Christmas and New Year, need to be cleaned before they are put in the box. Gently wipe the entire surface with a soft, dry cloth. Then wrap each item in cushioning material such as newspapers, and put it in a box. Then, store the box in a place out of direct sunlight and away from high temperature and humidity.


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Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 350 × 150 × 150 mm