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At OKAIMONO, there are no knock-offs or imitation goods. Our products are all genuinely sourced from Japan. We make it our commitment to inspect products from different manufacturers and finally source from the best one. We work really hard to introduce well curated products that offer good value to our customers and inject great service at the same time . We hope you enjoy shopping from OKAIMONO


  • Makes 1 x 20cm chiffon cake


    Earl Grey Milk Tea
    4g       Earl Grey Tea leaves
    100ml   milk

    Yolk Batter
    4           Yolks (from large eggs)
    40g      Caster Sugar
    40g    Vegetable Oil
    60ml   Earl Grey Milk Tea from above, (strained)
    ½ tsp   Vanilla Extract
    108g     Cake Flour sifted

    4          Egg Whites  (from large eggs)
    ¼ tsp   Cream of TartarBrill25g      Granulated sugar
    Pinch of fine sea salt

    200ml   Whipping Cream
    20g       Powdered Sugar
    75g       Blueberries
    Mint – as you like
    Sugared Flowers & Pearls – as you like

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