b r e a d

The Staple of Life

Create cute, chocolately and fluffy bread at home! These brown little cuties are a sure crowd pleaser! Developed by @Bakeomaniac the recipe uses the water roux method. The method developed by the Japanese that makes bread super light and fluffy!  Enjoy with milk or tea with your favourite condiments or simply on its own! 

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Have a love for soft, fluffy Japanese Milk Bread?   Come try making it at home with the Yudane method!  The Yudane (湯種), or more commonly known as the Tang Zhong / Water Roux method originated from Japan and comprises of a starter dough by mixing flour to water in the ratio of 5:1 and then heating up the starch over low heat.  the heated roux helps to lock in moisture making the bread soft and lasts longer.

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Cute and simply adorable! This Neko Cat bread is bound to be a crowd-pleaser! Follow the simple recipe using the Neko Cat Bread Tin and the audience will be yours!

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