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Bake this lovely fresh fruit flower naked cake especially if you love the pairing of soft, airy sponge cake with the lightness and fluffiness of whipped fresh cream and the sweetness from fresh fruits. Look no more. It’s literally a piece of cake.

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Have a love for soft, fluffy and spongy cakes?  Search no more, try our easy Earl Grey Chiffon Cake recipe that’s bound to set your heart a flutter!  With its moist fluffy sponge, subtle tea fragrance, and creamy whipped topping, this Earl Grey Chiffon Cake is bound to delight any cake lover. 

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These lovely Rabbit & Bear Madeleines are just too adorable to ignore! They’re easy to make and oh so yummy to eat! Bake it as a gift or simply for yourself as a tea-time snack! 

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