Delicious Earl Grey Chiffon Cake


Have a love for soft, fluffy and spongy cakes?  Search no more, try our easy Earl Grey Chiffon Cake recipe that’s bound to set your heart a flutter!  With its moist fluffy sponge, subtle tea fragrance, and creamy whipped topping, this Earl Grey Chiffon Cake is bound to delight any cake lover. Serve it chilled and it’ll instantly refresh your soul and restart your energy!

Makes 1 x 20cm chiffon cake
This recipe uses the Sakura Chiffon Cake Tin.


Earl Grey Milk Tea
4g       Earl Grey Tea leaves
100ml   milk

Yolk Batter
4           Yolks (from large eggs)
25g      Caster Sugar
40g    Vegetable Oil
60ml   Earl Grey Milk Tea from above, (strained)
½ tsp   Vanilla Extract
108g     Cake Flour sifted

4          Egg Whites  (from large eggs)
¼ tsp   Cream of Tartar
40g      Granulated sugar
Pinch of fine sea salt

200ml   Whipping Cream
20g       Powdered Sugar
75g       Blueberries
Mint – as you like
Sugared Flowers & Pearls – as you like


  • Preheat oven to 160 degree Celsius.
  • Earl Grey Milk Tea: In a saucepan, heat up milk and earl grey tea leaves. Do not boil. Let sit for 3 mins and then strain. Extract 60ml for later use.
    Delicious Earl Grey Chiffon Cake 1
  • In a small bowl, whisk the sugar (25g), with egg yolk until pale and fluffy. Add vegetable oil and earl grey milk tea & vanilla extract. Mix till well combined.
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  • Sift in flour and mix till batter has no more lumps. Add in earl grey tea leaves.
  • Delicious Earl Grey Chiffon Cake 6
  • Meringue: In another bowl, beat egg whites with salt and cream of tartar till bubbly or soft peaks. Add in sugar (40g) in 3 batches then continue to beat on high speed till firm peaks.
  • Gently fold 1/3 of the meringue into the wet mixture and mix till well combined. Then fold in the rest of the meringue gently till no more whites are seen.
  • Delicious Earl Grey Chiffon Cake 7
  • Pour the cake batter into a tube tin.
  • Remove any trapped large air bubbles by lightly giving the tin a couple of bangs on the table. Or gently run a chopstick through the batter keeping.
  • Bake for 45-50 mins till brown or when the sides start to pull away from the tin.
  • Invert the tin and let cool. Unmould cake once completely cooled
  • Delicious Earl Grey Chiffon Cake 8
  • In a medium bowl, beat whipping cream & powdered sugar till light soft peaks forms. 70%
  • Decoration: gently drape whipped cream over the top of the cake and arrange blueberries, mint, sugared flowers & pearls around.
  • Enjoy this delicious and fluffy Earl Grey Chiffon Cake!
Earl Grey Chiffon Cake_Okaimono

Earl Grey Chiffon Cake

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