Moisture Absorbent Sheet Desiccant (10 pcs)


Moisture Absorbent Sheet Desiccant

Ever feel like your cookies go soft a tad too quickly even if you’ve stored them in an air-tight container? Especially so if you live in a hot and humid area? We all know that our bakes are best eaten fresh but we also know that keeping some for later is a common practice as we want to make a good thing last.
Fret no more as adding a simple moisture absorbent or sheet desiccant along with your cookies could prevent them from turning soft fast.

This is a smart desiccant that is slim and takes up less space than a regular packet of silica gel. It’s simply perfect for maintaining the elegance and freshness of your baked gifts!


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Moisture Absorbent Sheet Desiccant

Size: 30x40mm

No. of Pieces:

A sheet-shaped moisture-proof desiccant in which a hygroscopic substrate is laminated on both sides with a film (polypropylene that conforms to the standards of foods, additives, etc.) and has a high hygroscopic property.

Usage and Care Instructions:
Guideline for using sheet desiccant: Weight of candy (g)/1.5 = Area of ​​sheet desiccant (square cm)
・Please be sure to put the baked goods and sheet desiccant in a corresponding bag or container. The bag or container should be air-tight and does not allow oxygen and bacteria to permeate.  Ideally, please put the sheet desiccant in a bag and then seal it.
・Please note that if left in a hot and humid environment and stored, the moisture absorption performance will decrease gradually.
・Please use immediately after opening. The sheet remaining after opening should be stored in a sealed atmosphere with as little air as possible
・Contact with metal may cause rust. Please avoid contact with corrosive metals
・Please note that if left in a hot and humid environment and stored, the moisture absorption performance will decrease
・After opening, the remaining sheets should be sealed and stored with as little air as possible (it is recommended to use a vacuum bag).

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