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Choux, Puff or Sablée. We say, just bake it!

Tapas Quiche Lorraine by Bakeomaniac

Impress your guests with these beautifully baked Tapas Quiche Lorraine…

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Add a little sweetness to your next party with our light, creamy Very Bery Cheese tartlet with a mixed berry cheesecake filling in a rich, crunchy Pâte Sablée or Pâte Sucrée tart crust and topped with your favourite fresh berries!  This one’s a definite show stopper! 

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This easy Tarte au Chocolat or chocolate tart is simple to make and so yummy to enjoy! The rich chocolate ganache filling is bound to fill up your happiness level. Try making these awesome chocolate tarts today! 

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Love a good Soy Milk Pudding? Try making it in a tart shell! This Soy Milk Tart made with store-bought soy milk is fast and easy to make.  It’s filled with the goodness of soy and is delectable to the taste buds!  Try making these tasty soy milk tarts today! 

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Classic Lemon Tart

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