Seashell Madeleine Mould – 9 shells


Seashell Madeleine Mould – 9 shells Mad about Madeleines? So are we! These seashell-shaped cakes are the epitome of classic French Patisserie. First named after Madeleine Paulmier, who prepared the small cakes for Louis XV, the son-in-law of the duke, while his wife, Maria Leszczyńska then introduced the delight to the court in Versailles. Much beloved by the royal family, they have now conquered hearts all over the world! Make some for yourself today with our Seashell Madeleine mould that has excellent thermal conductivity for beautifully baked fluffy cakes and that terrific baker’s bump! Coated with a layer of food-grade silicone resin, the Seashell Madeleine Mould is easy to clean and release. If the batter’s composition is low in fats and oils, just lightly spray or grease the tray with butter & dust with some flour. Now you can enjoy these charming cakes in your favorite flavors!  It’s the perfect size for gifting too.   Follow our tried and tested RECIPE here!  Charming 3-Flavour Brown Butter Madeleines that’s Good for your Soul! 3 Flavour Brown Butter Madeleines Recipe *All products are non-exchangeable and refundable. For exceptions and more information about shipping and delivery, please check our FAQ. *This product is made in Japan and ships from Singapore. For overseas shipping and enquiries, please write to us at

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Seashell Madeleine Mould

Dimensions: Seashell Madeleine Mould: L235 × W235 × H17.8mm Size per piece: 63 x 65 mm Material: Steel, silicone coating Country of Origin: Made in Japan   Care Instructions: ・Please wash the product gently with dishwashing detergent before using. ・Please ensure you dry it well after use. ・Do not use a scrubbing brush or strong chemical agents to clean it as this will damage the material. ・Not suitable for the dishwasher or dish dryer. ・Not suitable for microwave ・Not suitable for gas stove. Please do not use it on an open flame. ・Hard objects such as metal scrubbing sponges, scouring powder and knives will damage the surface. ・After use, please wash it with warm water or liquid detergent and a sponge. Dry it with a dishcloth or let it air-dry. Please note that it may rust if left exposed to water for a long time. 

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