NEW – Non-Stick SILFORM Perforated Baking Mesh by Chef Koichi Izumi – Oval


This Non-stick Silform Perforated Baking Mesh Mat provides optimal heat transfer for perfect color and crunch every time.

The silicone and fiberglass mesh structure also prevents dough from sticking while the perforations enable uniform heat diffusion for perfectly baked products.This product is especially useful if you’re one to fret about laying tart dough. Making tart cups comes easily with this mesh mat. 

The perforated mesh material ensures that tarts can be baked neatly without the dough rising. As such, there is no need to bake with baking beans or even having to dock or prick the dough. There is also no need to grease at all.  Since the rise is straight, thick baked cookies such as Palets Bretons, (Thick French Butter Cookies) can be baked well. Turing the Silform Mesh upside down also allows one to bake a slightly bigger sized tart cups. Since the temperature resistance range is large, it can be used from freezing to baking, it is also possible to freeze or chill dough in the fridge.



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Non-Stick SILFORM Perforated Baking Mesh – Oval shape

Overall Size: 300x200xH23.5mm
Individual oval cup size: 75×40×H15mm

Food grade silicone. Fiberglass.
Suitable for cookie-based tarts, bread and 


Temperature Resistance
-60 ℃ to 230℃

1) This is a Cotta Japan original product designed by Chef Koichi Izumi.

2) The non-stick silform Perforated baking mesh mat is suitable for tarts (Pâte sucrée and Pâte sablée), Bretons, and even bread.
Not suitable for pâte brisée (rich pastry dough commonly used to make flaky tart shells). A large puff pastry cannot keep its shape neatly in the soft silform, and will be baked in an irregular shape.

3) Do not bake the silform perforated mesh “empty” as it will damage the surface and cause the fabric to come loose. If you need to bake less than 8, lay a parchment paper over the vacant area or insert a piece of dough to avoid baking it empty.

4) The finished tart will leave a trace of the mesh pattern.

Care Instructions:
・Please wash the non-stick perforated silform baking mesh mat gently with a soft sponge and dishwashing detergent before using it.
・Please ensure you dry it well after use or storing.
・Do not use a scrubbing brush or strong chemical agents to clean it as this will damage the material. Please use a soft sponge for cleaning.
・If the dirt does not come off, soak in water and wash with a sponge, or gently rub with a large toothbrush.
・Please do not use it on an open flame.
・Product might have a slight silicone rubber smell before first use.
・Product is soft and flexible, go ahead and turn it inside-out for thorough washing.

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